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ICBC Launches “Chunrun Action”, Supporting Work Resumption(2020-03-11)
ICBC Takes Measures to Boost Work Resumption by SMEs(2020-02-28)
ICBC Builds Emergency Materials Management System, Curbing COVID-19(2020-02-28)
ICBC Employees Donate RMB61 Million, Supporting Hubei’s Fight against COVID-19(2020-02-28)
ICBC Undertakes Bonds on Epidemic Prevention and Control, Support Battle against 2019-nCoV(2020-02-28)
ICBC Gives Full Support to SMEs Fighting the 2019-nCoV(2020-02-28)
ICBC Loans RMB3.4 Billion to Enterprises of Medical Supplies(2020-02-28)
ICBC Sets up Green Channel for Global Payment, Supporting Epidemic Prevention and Control(2020-02-28)
ICBC Takes 12 Measures to Curb the Spread of the New Coronavirus(2020-02-28)
ICBC Green Channel Provides RMB1.6 billion in Financing to Fight the Epidemic(2020-02-28)
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